Suunta - improvised music concert 18th April 2012

Free ethno avant garde with Finno-Ugric roots. Sensitive power and imaginative soundscapes from ancient instruments and three improvising musician-composers.

Suunta combines experimental improvised and composed music with visual material in an exciting new collaboration of three musician-explorers of world music, a live-electronics sound designer and a media artist.
Combining acoustic instruments with electronics and the limitless possibilities of the human voice creates the completely new sound of Suunta ensemble. The versality of the electric kantele blends in with the ancient tones of archaic woodwinds and global percussion, giving room for the live electronics to transform the sounds instantaneously from serene landscapes into a furious turmoil.
There are a fair amount of traditional/folk music nuances to be found in the music, implicating the musicians' deep knowledge of the Finnish and Finno Ugric traditions and creating a soundscape of free ethno avant garde with utmost respect to the roots.

Anna-Kaisa Liedes: voice, vocals, bowls
Timo Väänänen: kantele, pyngyr
Kristiina Ilmonen: winds, percussion, voice
Marko Myöhänen: live electronics
Kati Åberg: videos, visualization
Sirje Ruohtula: light design

Time: Wed 04/18/2012, at 7.00 PM-8.30 PM
Location: Black Box, Music Centre
Mannerheimintie 13 a, Helsinki
Tickets: 5-15 €