Cutting Edge Arctic

Cutting Edge Arctic
A concert at Barents Spektakel festival in Kirkenes Norway, 3rd February 2010.

Artistic directors Kristiina Ilmonen and Johan Sara Jr.
Singers and musicians from all over the Arctic.


The Arctic Circle binds together the High North of the different countries. The High North binds together life styles of the native peoples. The Cutting-Edge Arctic project brings together unique singing traditions of the Arctic Nomads: Sami joikers from Norway and Sweden, singers from Yakutia and Nenets, throat singers from Chukotka, Alaska, Greenland and Canada! Singing and chanting otherwise means letting voices be heard. Should we manage to create a unison or choir, – the project sends a clear message to all who have economic, political or other interests in the area: ARCTIC CALLING!

Ethnic songs have traditionally been sung a cappella, sometimes accompanied by a drum. Cutting–Edge Arctic brings together voices from the edges of the world, bound with both traditional drums and contemporary percussion: Kristiina Ilmonen (Finland), Håkon Mjåset Johansen (Norway), and Petter Berndalen (Sweden).

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