Kristiina plays in several groups, ensembles and projects. Here you can find some of the currently active ones.

Kristiina Ilmonen Sysihai

Crazy shepherd beat from free pastures. Kristiina's folk winds and vocals meet the electronics from Jouko Kyhälä and Teemu Korpipää.


Kristiina uses winds, percussion and voice in the trio with singer Anna-Kaisa Liedes and kantele player Timo Väänänen.


Kristiina plays winds, percussion & vocals in Australian-born Nathan Riki Thomson's new ensemble. The musicians come from Finland and UK.

Wind on Wind

Finnish folk winds played by seven ladies. First album coming during autumn 2013.

The Helsinki Koto Ensemble

Kristiina plays winds & percussion in her sister Minna Padilla's group. Minna plays the koto and composes music for the ensemble, combining Japanese poetry and influences from Finnish folk music.


Improvised contemporary dance and live music with 5-12 performers since 1990.


In the past Kristiina has been also involved with bands such as Anna-Kaisa Liedes & Utua and Ottopasuuna.